Obesity or Metabolic Disease is one of the biggest drivers of disease and accelerated aging in the U.S. The functional medicine approach to these major problems is multivariate or must be addressed from several different angles. Each person is unique so there is no absolute “one size fits all” approach, but some basic trends emerge.

  • Lab testing for compromised Gut Health
    • The body will rarely ever stop fat storage (especially for carbohydrates)
    • No matter how diseased the gut becomes, weight-loss will be the last symptom of IBS, Chron’s, etc. in MOST patients
  • Restoration of proper gut barrier function to slow down or stop autoimmune activation
    • Gut restoration is achieved through gut and liver detox as well as rebuild programs
  • Expert knowledge in diet plans is key to both rapid weight-loss and keeping the weight in a healthy range. Columbus Physical Medicine Center offers years of expertise in the following:
    • Paleo diet
    • Ketogenic diet
    • Carnivore diet
    • Fasting
    • And more…
  • Lipo-Laser Treatment
    • Targets fat in hard to burn problem areas like belly fat, hips, and buttocks.
    • Safe treatment utilizing photobiomodulation, low level laser therapy, to affect cell metabolism.
    • Liberates fat stored inside the cell to be liberated and burned
    • Allows body to burn fat in areas where it’s hardest to lose
    • Patients also report increased relaxation and better sleep

Metabolic Disease is the underlying driver behind most diseases including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Columbus Physical Medicine Center works with patients willing to change their diets and lifestyle to help the body heal itself. We help patients with diabetes, autoimmune disease, cardiovascular health, and anti-aging strategies.