Stem cells are a “hot button” topic in the healthcare realm.  They hold the promise of advanced healing and even anti-aging.  CPMC offers the very best allograft (tissue transplant delivered with a syringe) containing the very best form of stem cells. 

First of all NONE of the stem cell rich products utilized by CPMC include material harvested from abortions.  This practice has been banned in the US (and hopefully remains that way). 

These allografts are harvested from voluntary mothers who have been thoroughly tested for communicable diseases before a normal C-section birth.  Instead of disposing of the afterbirth the allograft laboratory harvests the Wharton’s Jelly (WJ) portion of the umbilical cord.  The WJ is the “tenderloin” of the cord that is rich in stem cells and growth factors that speed healing in joints, nerves, and virtually ANY damaged tissue.

CPMC is proud to be the first clinic in Columbus to offer this incredible technology to our patients.

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Medical Shockwave therapy describes the use of pulsed sound waves delivered to injured or damaged tissues to speed recovery.  The Storz pulse wave machine has the most clinical research for its use in rapid healing of tendon and joint conditions. 

CPMC is dedicated to being the leader in regenerative medicine and the pulse wave is an integral part of our healing protocols.  A sound wave is generated from the machine that passes into the damaged tissue with little pain.  This activates the internal healing mechanisms both locally and systemically to speed up the repair.  The patients will experience decreased pain, improved blood flow, and improved movement.  Repeated treatments have even been shown to activate local stem cell activity in the treated areas!

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At CPMC the latest breakthroughs in medicine are leveraged to spark healing in patients who have been told there is no hope of recovery.  One of the best methods to heal the body is to restore oxygenation to the damaged tissues. 

Exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT) creates higher oxygen blood levels than exercise or oxygen supplementation alone.  By combining the two (the patient literally rides a stationary bike while a computer algorithm feeds them varying amounts of pure oxygen via a mask) the body is able to absorb and utilize a much larger percentage of O2.  This extra oxygen then goes to work healing damaged tissues of the brain, joints, and nerves (and any of the body’s tissue that needs it).

Many patients have heard about the healing effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).  Yet these chambers can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and are rarely utilized by mainstream medicine due to poor insurance reimbursement.  CPMC offers a similar outcome with EWOT that can be done in office in as little as 5 minutes!

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Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy seems like science fiction come to life. CPMC utilizes the very best technologies that are proven to heal the body (with virtually ZERO side effects). PEMF therapy is high tech but actually has been studied since the 1950s for its role in healing of the body.

The cells of the body have an electric charge and if this charge falls out of normal range due to injury, disease, or aging inflammation and delayed healing is the result. PEMF is indicated for nearly any type of inflammatory condition but especially for musculoskeletal and nerve problems.  It is painless and most patients feel relief right away.

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