Meet the Columbus Physical Medicine Center Staff

Columbus Physical Medicine Center seeks to deliver outstanding quality Physical Medicine healthcare to our patients while limiting the use of medication and surgery as much as possible. We strive to not merely treat symptoms, but also correct the underlying cause.

We provide personalized, coordinated, quality care in a multidisciplinary environment where patients can feel confident that their well-being is the priority of our clinic.

Patients rest assured that a provider is readily available to address his/her healthcare concerns.

We treat our patients with honor and respect and expect them to feel valued and well cared for each time they step into our office.

Dr. Eric Codner

Doctor Eric Codner is a chiropractor at Columbus Physical Medicine Center, Inc. in Columbus GA. If you are struggling with neck or back pain, headaches or migraines, carpal tunnel, sciatica, or any other health condition.

Katherine Horne

Certified Nurse Practitioner

Katherine Horne is a multidisciplinary Certified Nurse Practitioner. If you are struggling with Shoulder pain, back pain, or even numbness and tingling in your extremities she will develop your individualized care plan for your specific needs.

Linda Lassiter

Intake Nurse

Linda is each patient’s case manager. She tracks the patient’s care and makes sure that if there is anything the patient needs it is addressed in a professional medical manner. She is passionate about patients being able to obtain high-quality health care in the most natural and least invasive way.